Award for Bream Bay College Teen

The Tucker Lewis grant is introduced by the Trust to people who have exhibited a progressing duty to the Trust as far as volunteering their chance in help of the Trust's activity. The lovely scrimshaw cutting was finished by Norm Lewis, a long-term companion of the Trust and is hung on board the vessel.

Tiahorangi first cruised on board the Tucker as a sail learner in 2016, at 15 years old – truth be told, he returned for a second voyage and afterward a third. He at that point went ahead to complete a voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand in 2018.

Tiahorangi said "I have grown up adoring the ocean; swimming, kayaking, angling and surfing yet nothing was as invigorating as my first voyage on the Rtucker. I knew from the begin that I needed more encounters cruising on tall boats and I have been blessed to have the capacity to do as such" .

He at that point accepted up the open door to volunteer for the R. Tucker Thompson throughout the 2017-18 summer tourism sailings, bolstered by his mom, who helped gigantically as transport director. This was not an immaterial exertion with the ship being situated in Opua and Tiaho lives in Bream Bay (that is the place Mum Tania came in).

All volunteers need to go to two instructional meetings and focus on no less than four sailings throughout the year. He and Tania went to both volunteer preparing days in November at that point joined to volunteer each other fortnight over school occasions, surrendering his whole end of the week over that period; tremendous duty for the adolescent from Bream Bay College, also Mum Tania. They additionally bolstered the Trust's visit to Whangarei in May this year. This progressing promise to the Trust has now been perceived with Tiahorangi being granted the Tucker Lewis Award for volunteering.

Also, not exclusively did his volunteering get saw, his calm however keen state of mind on board the ship was seen by the Masters and other group. At the point when the time came to consider who may be one year from now's cadet, Tiaho's name came up and after dialog with him and the family, he was offered and acknowledged the 2019 Cadetship.The Cadet part resembles an apprenticeship, giving a preparation pathway into the marine business by offering the ocean time, preparing, and monetary help towards proficient capabilities. Toward the finish of the year, the cadet can take a Maritime New Zealand section level Skipper's Certificate or the Qualified Deckhand Certificate for universal work. This implies they complete up with a capability and are sans obligation.

Tiahorangi was completely shocked to get the honor at school get together on Tuesday. "I have learnt numerous things about myself amid my chance as a learner and volunteer, through diligent work and the help and direction of the group my ship information and certainty has developed. I am lowered by the honor and offer of a cadetship and will attempt to put forth a valiant effort."