Rouhani dismisses Trump call for talks on eve of new sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected a US call for chats on Tuesday, the eve of the burden of new endorses that takes after Washington's choice to haul out of an understanding over Iran's atomic program.

The United States is expected to force new endorses against Iran on Tuesday proposed to injure its economy, actualizing President Donald Trump's choice to break with European partners and leave the 2015 understanding.

Washington has said the main way Iran could deflect the assents is consent to new arrangements over its rocket and atomic projects.

"We are dependably for strategy and talks … But talks require trustworthiness," Rouhani said in a discourse communicate live on state TV.

"The US reimposes endorses on Iran and hauls out of the (2015) atomic arrangement, and afterward needs to hold chats with us," he said. "Trump's call for coordinate talks is just for local utilization in America in front of decisions and to make bedlam in Iran."

Under the 2015 understanding, Iran consented to checks on its atomic program as an end-result of the lifting of monetary assents. The Trump organization contends that the checks did not go sufficiently far and it needs to constrain Iran back to the arranging table.

Iran says that by surrendering the assention Washington has demonstrated it can't consult in accordance with some basic honesty. A month ago, Trump said that he would meet Rouhani without preconditions to talk about how to enhance relations.

Senior Iranian authorities and military commandants have rejected Trump's offer of talks as useless and "a fantasy", saying his words repudiated his activity of reimposing sanctions.